The Everett Area School District currently operates the following programs:

1. Elementary Learning Support Classrooms

2. Secondary Learning Support Classrooms

3. Secondary Life Skills Support Classrooms

4. Itinerant Speech/Language Support Program

5. Elementary and Secondary Itinerant Emotional Support Program

6. Psychological Services

7. Transition Program

Contracted programming through Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 as follows:

1. Itinerant Hearing Impaired Support

2. Itinerant Visually Impaired Support

3. Itinerant Autistic Support

4. Preschool Programs for Exceptional Students

5. Social Work Services

6. Assistive Device Evaluations

7. Full-time Multihandicapped Support Classrooms

8. Consultation

Contracted through CAMCO

1. Occupational Therapy

2. Physical Therapy

Multi-District Classes

1. Life Skills Support—Primary Level, Chestnut Ridge

2. Life Skills Support—Upper Elem. & Middle School Bedford Area School District

Alternative Education placement in Bedford County:

1. Nulton Partial Hospitalization Program

2. Extended Family Academy and Day Treatment

Out of County Educational Placements

Cove Forge

Hoffman Homes



Alloysius Hall


Interagency Agreements




Children’s Behavioral Health

Laurel Springs

Children & Youth

Personal Solutions

PA State Police

Career Link

Bedford Counties Sheriff’s Office

Specially Designed Instruction Within the Support Program

-Individual Instruction




-Adapted Testing

-Adapted Grading

-Transition Plans


-Functional Academics -Job Placement

-Behavior Intervention Plans

-Graduation Plans


-Interviews -Interagency Cooperation

Referrals for possible placement into support programs occur through the individual teacher referral or interested parties in addition to parental request. All procedural safeguards will be considered throughout the referral, placement and programming process.

The goal of the Everett Area School District is to continue to offer the most appropriate programs within our school district or local area. For more information regarding the referral process and programming for exceptional students you may contact the EASD Special Education Office located in the Everett Area School District Central Office at 814-652-9114 Ext. 2153.