Empowerment, Equality, Excellence in Education


“The Everett Area School District is dedicated to excellence in education by empowering students through individualized learning, equality of opportunity, and fostering a lifetime of success in a global society.”


Every Student:

  • should have a safe, inviting, inclusive and supportive learning environment.
  • has the ability to learn.
  • should be guided by a qualified adult advocate in personal and academic development.
  • has the right to an education that addresses his/her individual learning style.
  • has a personal responsibility to foster his/her own learning.
  • should be engaged in active and purposeful learning with a curiosity and desire to advance because learning is a life-long process.
  • is enabled to reach his/her highest potential through education.

Our Teachers:

  • are knowledgeable about their students, current educational and developmental research and best practices.
  • teach a curriculum that is challenging, exploratory, integrative and relative to 21st Century learning.
  • will use varied and ongoing assessments to measure and advance student learning.
  • are engaged in active and purposeful learning with a curiosity and desire to advance the life-long learning process.

About the Community:

  • The school should include community and business partners.
  • Parental involvement is essential to a student's education.
  • A well-educated and secure community is essential to the maintenance and improvement of the economic and social well being of its society.
  • It is the responsibility of the community to provide for and share in the education of all students in a safe, healthy environment.

The Everett Area School District strives to consistently foster the following key basic characteristics within its students, staff, leaders and community members:

Integrity: We are honest, ethical, loyal and trustworthy.

Compassion: We foster kindness, generosity, care, selflessness and service to others.

Respect: We are committed to respecting self, others and community while celebrating and affirming importance of human differences.

Pride: We strive for excellence by imparting a sense of achievement in self and community.

Collaboration: We partner with others to achieve common goals.

Resiliency: We strive to persevere, in spite of adversity, resulting in adaptability and personal growth.