The Talent Pool and Gifted Education Program at Everett Elementary is used to provide project based enrichment activities to qualifying students who are excelling in the regular educational setting. The initial screening is conducted by the gifted support teacher based on the recommendations of classroom teachers. Students scoring 115 or above on a screening tool are admitted into the talent pool program. The talent pool program is then used to track and identify students who may qualify for Gifted Education. The gifted support teacher refers students to the school psychologist based on the gifted screening process which includes: Standardized test scores, Creative Assessment, Teacher Recommendations, and Parent Recommendations. The school psychologist then conducts a multidisciplinary evaluation on the referred student. The present Intelligence Quotient Standard for a child to receive Gifted Support is 130 or better. However, if a student scores between 125 and 129 and has earned a total of 15 points during the screening process, the student will be considered for Gifted Support Programming. It is important to note, that the majority of students identified for the Gifted Support Program will be in the second semester of 2nd grade or higher. It is felt that kindergarten, first, and second grade years are when a basic education foundation is being formed and that additional pressures of gifted programming may hinder the student's development of basic math and reading. There may be exceptions to the rule, but those student will be closely monitored.

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