At Everett Area School District, we believe that not only should online course opportunities be available to all students, but all students should be encouraged to pursue online courses to better prepare for the digital world ahead of them. Everett Cyber Academy (ECA) is building a stronger district by fostering a diverse, knowledgeable student population leading to a stronger community.

Program Options

Programs are customizable to suit individual needs. Bellow are some of the common program options selected through the ECA. You can choose one of these programs or design a plan that works for you!

Enrichment: Students take online course(s) that challenge them or fulfill a career/personal interest.

Acceleration: Students take online course(s) prior to the typical timeline of a scholastic career.

Dual Enrollment: Students are enrolled in ECA courses and college courses.

Vocational/Technical: Students attend a technical center program and take academic courses online.

Hybrid Enrollment: Students take a portion of their course load online and a portion in the school building.

Full-Time Cyber Enrollment: Students take their full course load off-campus.

Credit Recovery: Students earn credits online for previously failed or missed classes in order to obtain a high school diploma.

Everett Cyber Academy has allowed students to get a jump start on their career goals by allowing them to have the flexibility to take more dual enrollment college credits, take additional credits beyond the school day, or work to earn money to pay for school while completing their classes after school hours.

For additional information or to enroll, please contact Tom Brambley at [email protected] or call 814-652-9114 ext. 1040.

Cyber Application: https://goo.gl/forms/tTraaCptMblp6rFl2

Course Access Websites:

Edgenuity: http://www.edgenuity.com/

IU8 Connect: http://connect.iu08.org