MS/HS Daily Announcements

PSSA Tests will be given April 4-7 for English Language Arts.

PSSA Tests will be given April 25-27 for Math.

PSSA tests will be given May 2-3 for Science.

Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 will be holding its 2nd Annual STEM Summer Camp June 27-29 at the Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center and July 25-27 at the Executive Office of IU8 in Altoona and the Educational Development Center in Duncansville, PA. We have camps for students in grades 3-8.   Both camp locations will run from 9AM – 2PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of camp week.  The cost for the camp is $110.  Lunch and snacks will be served each day.  Deadline to register is Friday, May 26, 2016.

Congratulations to our MS students of the Month for March.  These 3 students were chosen based upon their character, attendance, academics, and overall school spirit.  Grade 6 Student of the month is Emily Hess; Grade 7 student of the month is Jeremy Cessna and Grade 8 Student of the month is Isaac Mearkle.  Congratulations to these special students on their recent accomplishment!

September MS students of the month were:  Grade 6, Billi Jo McIntosh; Grade 7, Kyle Duvall and Grade 8, Emily Rose. 

October MS students of the month were:  Grade 6, Brookelynn Vuckovich; Grade 7, Kenzie Smith and Grade 8 Regan Seville! 

November MS students of the month were:  Lane Wagoner, grade 6; Lilly Mills, grade 7; and Annie Nave, grade 8.  We are so proud of these students for their hard work and dedication to academics!

December MS Students of the Month were:  Grade 6: Danae Mobus; Grade 7: Kaitlyn Maliszewski; and Grade 8 Phoenix Ruddy

January MS Students of the Month were:  Grade 6--Olivia Beegle; Grade 7--Ethan Murphy; Grade 8 -- Gracie Cessna

February MS Students of the Month were:  grade 6--Mollie Feight; Grade 7:  Holden Cessna; Grade 8 --Tyler Foor

The Everett Free Library is partnering with the Bloody Run Historical Society to offer local history programs. The programs are about an hour long and talks about different parts of Everett’s history. Could you please share this information with your students and anyone you think would be interested?

May 6  at 1 pm -  John Nebel and Wayne Fluke will present a program on the Everett Train Station and its background plus an intro to its present train and community museum roll. The presentation will include historical photographs of the railroad and former school site on which the museum sits.

June 3 at 1 pm – Barbara Sponsler Miller will present her collection of old Everett slides with narration by her.

Congratulations to Kadence Miller, grade 6, and Makensie Headley, grade 10.  These two students are our recent Renaissance Attendance winners.  These students were selected for excellent attendance during the second marking period.  Each student won $50 cash and a bag of Bedford Candies popcorn courtesy of Bedford Candies!.  Congratulations to these outstanding students! 

Other winners, each receiving a bag of popcorn, were 6th graders Wyatt Hill and Logan Shaw; 7th graders Emily Sager and Calvin Iseminger; 8th graders Abby Walters and Annastasia Hauze; 9th graders Cameron Mellott and Gage Fessler; 10th graders Christian Wright and Jacob Marsh; and 11th grade Isaac Blackstone and Rebecca Barkman and 12th graders Monika Clark and Cody Eshleman

Previous winner recognized for great attendance with a free bag of Bedford Candies popcorn were:  Calvin Iseminger, Sid Grove, Brenden Wright, Gage Hays, Dylan Cessna, Macen Akers, Nathaniel Clark, and Bailey Baker.  We are proud of our students for making their education a priority!

Students & parents are reminded that EAMS/HS cares about their students.  We are striving to improve attendance.  Research shows that if a student misses less than 10 days of school per year, that student performs better academically and is a predictor for success in the future.  We encourage parents to be sure students are only missing school when they are ill.  We also ask that doctor appointments  and family trips be scheduled to minimize time out of school when possible.  We will be recognizing all students who miss less then 2 days per marking period--this includes educational trips.  Please contact either Mrs. Criswell (MS Principal, grades 6-8) or Mrs. Ramsey (HS principal, grades 9-12) with any questions you may have.


Sports Teams wishing to ride to Everett Elementary for practices should be riding Bus #32. If you are traveling to the Sportsmen's Club for RIFLE, you should ride Bus #15  at the normal dismissal time.

**Please be sure to refer to our School Calendar & Athletic Calendar located on our main website for a more detailed listing of school events.*